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Please Read This BEFORE getting your device repaired!

iPhone repair requires a high level of skill that only comes from proper training. It is not as simple as ordering parts from eBay and following instructions on YouTube, yielding unprofessional results with potentially damaged components or incorrectly matched hardware. As an iPhone repair technician, it is common to encounter customers requesting the installation of hardware they ordered online, perhaps thinking they could perform the repair themselves. This is why we ONLY offer expert-level service that comes from superior skills in a controlled environment. If repairing iPhones, iPads, and iPods was as simple as watching online videos, we would be out of business!

Save money, time, and headaches by bringing your device to us! We will repair it correctly the first time!

Do you really want to meetup with a stranger that works out of their trunk of a car to tamper with your valuable item?

Visit us at our safe and comfortable location and get your iPhone, iPad, or iPod repaired by a true professional while you wait!

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9910 Dyer Street                                                      El Paso, Texas 79924

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